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Cleaning the house is not a pleasant occupation, but any room must be kept clean and tidy. The comfort and health of a person depend, among other things, on the condition of the premises in which he lives. Not all housewives and business women can afford to constantly spend their precious time and energy on cleaning and putting things in order. Therefore, our company is pleased to offer you professional cleaning services, which will be performed for you by experienced professionals. The result of their work will pleasantly surprise you, because all our masters work with high quality and carefully treat the property of clients. They will become your assistants and will allow you to maintain perfect cleanliness in the house.

Service Overview

We are ready to provide a cleaning service for your apartment at any frequency:

or with any other frequency you need.
Service Quality

A professional approach to cleaning the premises is always preferable to the efforts of the owners themselves. Experienced cleaners know how to properly distribute work in order to complete the order in a quality and timely manner and so that you are completely satisfied with their work. Each type of service uses its own chemicals and cleaning equipment. Many clients of our company prefer to cooperate with us on an ongoing basis, as a result they receive attractive individual terms of service, which significantly saves their time and money.

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Have you Any Question?

It depends on the type of cleaning, the premises and the set deadlines for cleaning. If this is a standard cleaning, then usually 2 masters do it.
No, it's not necessary. All conditions of cooperation with you are conducted taking into account your wishes. You can safely trust us and go about your business.
You warn us in advance about your absence during our service and we will agree with you the most suitable option for you. The following options are commonly used:
- you leave the key to the incoming door for us in a certain place on the day of cleaning;
- you can give our company a duplicate of the key to the incoming door;
- you give us the code from the garage;
- leave the front door unlocked.
You must notify us by phone or email no later than 12 hours before the scheduled time. In case of non-receipt or late notification, the company reserves the right (each case is considered separately) to charge a fee of $ 25 for lost time.
Typically, payment is due upon delivery of the service. In certain cases, we reserve the right to require prepayment.
You can pay in any way convenient for you.
The company has developed a checklist of work performed depending on the type of cleaning and the type of premises, which you can find on our website in the relevant services section.
It depends on the type of cleaning, the area of the room, possible additional work. For example, a medium-sized residential building with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen-dining room, is cleaned in about 4-6 hours. We determine the exact time in advance and agree with you when booking the order and do not change during the execution of the order.
Security in the provision of our services and the presence of mutual trust is a priority for our company. All employees, when hired by our company, are first of all checked for the presence in their biography of any illegal actions committed by them, and in the absence of such facts, only after that they undergo professional training and a final interview. In addition, the issue of security is guaranteed by the company with which you have a business relationship. It is also one of the main differentiating factors between an official cleaning company and private cleaners.
Our cleaners always perform their work with the highest quality, and, fortunately, there were no complaints about the quality of our work. But we also understand that the human factor has a place to be and we decided to foresee such a situation. Therefore, if you have any questions about the service provided, please contact us by phone or e-mail with the quality control department within 48 hours from the end of the work and report the situation. We will promptly consider your application, establish the cause of the situation and the possible fault of our employee, and of course, we will eliminate the shortcomings free of charge.

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