5 myths about cleaning companies

myths about cleaning companies

1. You can clean up yourself

However, this misconception dissipates after the first call to a professional cleaning specialist. Many companies teach cleaners to clean to a standard that far exceeds our understanding of how to properly clean a house in terms of the amount of work. Therefore, neither dust on the kitchen cabinets, nor crumbs in the corners behind the sofa, nor dirt on the tiles in the bathroom will escape the attention of the cleaner. In addition, special tools are able to cope even with the most difficult pollution, including from bacteria and possible molds.

Also, it saves you time. After all, the time that a person spends cleaning can be spent on doing their favorite hobby or work, and at the same time, earn money.

2. Companies use chemicals that damage surfaces or are harmful to health

In professional cleaning, only specialized products are used. They differ from household chemicals in many ways. Such chemistry allows you to safely and efficiently perform work tasks, without harm to surfaces and the environment.

They cannot harm children or pets or spoil anything. The fact is that one tool is used to clean places where food can lie, but in order to bring plumbing to a shine, it’s completely different. This approach allows you to achieve maximum effect without any risks.

3. The work will be done poorly

Believe me, if you are not a professional cleaner, then you will hardly be able to clean up the way that specialists can do. Some corners or interior details may not succumb to you at all — due to the lack of special equipment or funds. Cleaners, on the other hand, always have all the cleaning equipment with them.

Professional companies have a quality control department that checks not only the cleaners, but also the facility managers. In some cases, specialized software and a mobile application are used, in which the customer sets tasks and receives a detailed report with photos of work before and after.

4. Employees can rob the house

In the minds of many residents of cities, people who work in such services are mostly illegal workers. Many of them work alone. And in many cases this is true, and it is usually difficult to get some kind of responsibility from such illegal immigrants in case they cause damage. But to get a job in a good cleaning company that values its own reputation, you need to pass a serious selection. Cleaners are the face of the company, the reputation of the company depends on them. Turning to a reputable company, you can be sure that everything will go quickly and smoothly, your property will not be damaged, let alone stolen.

Cleaning companies employ certified professionals. At the conclusion of the contract, the company provides civil liability insurance, which guarantees the safety of your organization during the execution of work.

5. Professional cleaning services are too expensive

The cost of the service will be different when cleaning a small apartment or a country house. But it should also be understood that high-quality cleaning cannot be too cheap. Specialists use good detergents, as well as various expensive equipment.

Often, hiring a contractor is much cheaper than keeping a staff of cleaners and employees who will work with the staff in your company. Not to mention the endless ordering of the necessary funds and inventory and their storage.

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