Home animals: how to clean the house with pets?

Cleaning a house with the pets

How to clean the house if there are pets?

Your tomcat or chihuahua may be your best mate – but you can’t help admitting they make your house a mess every so often. Be it the prints of their paws and noses or the omnipresent hairs on every inch of the living space, these do not leave you particularly pleased. And if any member of your household is prone to allergy, then everyday cleaning becomes an unavoidable (and rather daunting) routine. Below we discuss what to do to keep your home squeaky clean even if pets run it, really.

Fighting unwholesome pet odours

Pets leave many unpleasant signs of their existence, but various unwholesome smells are probably the least tolerable. So, what to do to make your pet “smell” nice?

Teach your pet to behave

Whether a dog or a cat, they should use the toilet properly. There are special animal napkins and sprays that can help to teach your pet to behave well. you should also look after your pet’s toilet, empty it on time, and make sure it is clean. Then your pet is likely to use it by their own will.

Wash your pet

Cats do not usually require any special baths – quite unlike dogs. In spring and in autumn dogs need extra washing, particularly if they do not wear any special clothes. So, if your house begins to smell with the dog, you know it is time for a good bath.

Give them a good brush

Both cats and dogs need some good brushing, especially during the season of extensive hair-shedding. Giving them a good brushing eliminates extra hair, cleans your home, and diminishes the much-annoying “dog hair smell”.

Some useful advice

Unpleasant smells are not the only nuisance we experience as pet owners. As much as we love them, we also want to live in a clean and tidy place. So here is some advice that may help you to maintain the order in your pet-friendly house.

Dust the furniture regularly

In a home without pets you could probably do the dusting every other day. If you own pets, however, dusting becomes a daily routine. In fact, your pets need cleanliness as much as you do, so do not fall back on this.

Use special equipment

There are hoovers that have been developed especially to collect pet hair. Steamers are also great, as they give a top notch to your regular floor washing. They fight the bacteria and leave the surfaces hygienically clean.

Use furniture covers and doormats

Taking the covers to the laundry is easier than replacing your furniture once in a while. Likewise, doormats are ideal for collecting extra dirt and water from the dog’s paws. They absorb the smells and dirt and are easily replaceable.
And, of course, it is always advisable to order a professional cleaning service if you own pets. Cleaners come with special cleansing materials and equipment and do the top job in no time.

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